Kubernetes is now the de-facto standard for container orchestration. With more and more organizations adopting Kubernetes, it is essential that we get our fundamental ops-infra in place before any migration. In my previous post we learnt about monitoring our workloads. This post will focus on pushing out new releases of the application to our Kubernetes cluster i.e. Continuous Delivery Pre-requisites Running Kubernetes Cluster (GKE is used for the purpose of this blog) A Spinnaker set-up with Jenkins CI enabled. Github webhooks enabled for Jenkins jobs. Strategy Overview Github + Jenkins : CI System to build the docker image and push to registry. Docker hub: Registry to store docker images. Spinnaker :Read More →

Monitoring is a crucial aspect of any Ops pipeline and for technologies like Kubernetes which is a rage right now, a robust monitoring setup can bolster your confidence to migrate production workloads from VMs to Containers. Today we will deploy a Production grade Prometheus based monitoring system, in less than 5 minutes. Pre-requisites: Running Kubernetes cluster with at least 6 cores and 8 GB of available memory. I will be using a 6 node GKE for this tutorial. Working knowledge of Kubernetes Deployments and Services. Setup: Prometheus server with persistent volume. This will be our metric storage (TSDB). Alertmanager server which will trigger alerts to Slack/Hipchat and/orRead More →

In the previous post we learned about Stateful Sets by scaling a MongoDB Replica Set. In this post we will be orchaestrating a HA Elasticsearch cluster ( with different Master, Data and Client nodes ) along with ES-HQ and Kibana Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Elasticsearch, its Node types and their roles. Running Kubernetes cluster with alteast 3 nodes (atleast 4C 4GB ). Working knowledge of Kibana. Deployment Architecture Elasticsearch Data Node Pods are deployed as a Stateful Set with a headless service to provide Stable Network Identities. Elasticsearch Master Node Pods are deployed as a Replica Set with a headless service which will help in Auto-discovery. Elasticsearch Client NodeRead More →